Andy Thompson



Medium: Mixed media

Size: 16" x 24"


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“Random” by Andy Thompson. 60x40cm. Mixed media on 100% handmade cotton wrag paper.

Portrait. Unframed. £199.00 Inc UK postage.

Once more I show my love of colour in this piece but also the love of shapes. I see these shapes all around me and love to use them in my art.

I’ve called this piece “Random” but it is anything but; random. Every shape I have used has had to justify it’s place on this piece.

I started by just dropping a handful of shapes in a random fashion. This jarred with me, odd shapes, gaps and clanging errors caught my eye, and this won’t do!

People who perhaps aren’t artists say that abstract art is just a random switch of a brush and that their five year old could do it!

I can tell you, random takes a long time, a lot of thought and much doing and re-doing.


Dimensions 526595472 × 5229204 cm