Kelly Grice

Zorn on Gold


Medium: Watercolour, gouache, ink, paper

Size: 4" x 6"


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Nature scenes of a post natural world

This is one of my biomorphic  dreamscapes, it is a small painting, about the size of a postcard. Collectors way they are always seeing new things when they look at the paintings. The paintings mean different things to everyone. This is the nature of klecksography!

My method is to create klecksography* illustrations, intuitively by looking for hidden images in the layers of watercolour that I then bring out by drawing them with a refillable fine liner (I try to keep my work eco friendly as possible). I find it relaxing to allow my pareidolia and the capriciousness of watercolour bring out images to guide me. This way of painting is liberating as I paint without judgement of what I see and allow creativity to flourish, even if it looks strange to myself! Different people notice different narratives in the images.

The artwork is painted on acid free archival quality paper using the finest quality, archival watercolour in the ‘Zorn Palette’, ink, gold metallic pigment for highlights. None of the colours are fugitive and all have been tested for excellent level lightfastness, but please never display any painting in full sunlight!

This painting is unique and a true one of a kind artwork for anyone who likes unusual and original paintings and it is eye catching when framed and mounted.

Paper dimension 5 x 7 inches

Actual painting dimensions 6 x 4 inches

Will be posted, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, inside an extra strong board backed envelope.

*most people think of Klecksography as when you fold an inkblot on a piece of paper a la Rorschach, however, he based his method upon the Victorian Parlour game he played as a child of turning ink blots into drawings, he was such a fan of klecksography that his nickname was Klecks, meaning Ink blot; it was only later when developing his theories on unconsciousness that he began folding the paper to create parallel images as he felt this would make it easier for viewers to see the ‘hidden’ images more clearly. The original childhood game didn’t fold paper and I have evolved my art over 30 years from the same childhood game and don’t fold the paper, I don’t fold my paper either, but this is klecksography.

Dimensions 526595472 × 5229204 cm