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Aisha Haider Original Art

Welcome to my gallery. I was born in Lancashire, England and still reside here. Painting is an addiction I feel I have that can never be quenched and it is what defines me. I have been painting ever since I can remember and starting exposing my works around 2008. The beautiful countrysides nearby offer plenty of inspiration and freshness to my imagination which constantly drive me to paint what comes to mind. I am not bound to nay particular topic as I like to paint everything that appeals to me from cityscape, to figures and trees to umbrellas. My art is sometimes modern and colourful and I also do impressionisms. I have my own painting style which are more evident in my figures of women. I paint in Oils and Acrylics whichever medium that suits me depending on the subject matter. I am very lucky to have sold nearly 2000 paintings worldwide and hope to keep filling lovely homes with my art and put smiles on peoples faces. Hope you enjoy seeing my work. “As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight” (James McNeil Whistler)